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It is my hope that will become a useful source of information and eye candy for Tiger Army fans.

I only discovered Tiger Army in May of 2003 through their frequent mention in connection with AFI (whose music I had also just found) and fell hard and fast for their amazing music, beautiful lyrics, minor chords and Nick 13's haunting voice.

Seeing them opening for Rancid 3 times that fall and getting a chance to meet them only cemented that love and I quickly started collecting everything and anything related to Tiger Army.

Since then I've been fortunate to travel to see them many times (I'm now a veteran of 95 Tiger Army shows, most recently at the Marquee in Tempe Im heading out for the Octoberflame shows next week and Halloween will be my 100th Tiger Army show!) and as they have been appreciative of my photography I've been able to get permission from the band to photograph many of their shows.

My special thanks to Nick 13 who encouraged my camera work and planted the idea in my mind that I'd be able to get published - several months later I was thrilled to see a big two page spread of one of my shots from their record release party in Alternative Press magazine (November 2004) which was a dream come true!

With this site it is my hope that I can somehow give something back in exchange for all they have meant to me and this site will help support and promote Tiger Army and give their fanbase a place to "hang out" and share information.

I am eagerly looking for future contributions - if you have any interviews, articles, reviews, fan art, photos or tattoos you would like included please e-mail me and I'll make sure you are credited!

Thank you for reading this and special thanks go out to Nick 13, Geoff Kresge, "Wasted" James Meza, Jeff Roffredo, Fred Hell, Mike Fasano, Joel Day, Manbat, Dustin, Albert and Ryan Downey as well as Chris for his design work!

- Elizabeth

Yours truly with Tiger Army:
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EVB and Nick 13, Pomona, CA - April 2004

EVB and Geoff Kresge, Pomona, CA - April 2004

EVB and Fred Hell, Pomona, CA - April 2004

EVB with Nick 13, Mike Fasano & Geoff Kresge at Warped 2004

EVB and Jeff Roffredo, Ft Lauderdale, FL Oct 2004

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Nick 13 @ Warped in Cleveland, OH
July 23, 2004
Photo by Elizabeth V. Bouras