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Nick 13 talks to PETA TV about cats

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Stu speaks to Nick 13 from Tiger Army about the recording of their album Ghost Tigers Rise (in MP3 format)

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Synergy interview by Ilana Taub - March 2005
Bombshell Zine - Feb 2005 - Jan 23 2005
Sound The Siren Nov 12 2004
Metal Exiles. Com Sept 11, 2004
In Music We Trust September 2004
Tastes Like Chicken, October 2004 -21 questions with Tiger Army (2004)
Hot Topic Interview July 2004
The Warped Tour 2004
Under a Blood Red Moon Warped tour i/v 2004
Punk is Not Dead Interview July 2, 2004
Central Coast Teens Interview April 2004
Rockabilly Bass interview with Geoff Kresge, 2003
The McGill Tribune, Oct 29 2002
Candy for Bad Children Interview Oct 22 2003
Montreal Mirror, Oct 2002
The Hot Boards Interview Warped Tour 2002
Left of the Dial Interview - April 17, 2002
Bucket Mag 2002
Oklahoma Punk Scene i/v 2002
Punk and Oi in the UK interview November 18 2001
Interview from September 2001
Rebel Noise, July 2001

No date given:

Life in a Bungalow zine interview
Junkbox interview with Jenna Misfit feature feature 2
Read Magazine
Modern Fix


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