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Row 1: Tiger Army logo worked into an armband of 13 black roses, Werecat with faces in mist designed after the Tiger Army "Werecat Rising" shirt designed and tattooed by Susan Behney of Jinx Proof Tattoos, Washington, DC, also an adartation of the Linas Garsys "Rose of the Devil's Garden" T shirt also inked by Susan, all on Elizabeth Bouras

Row 2: Tigerbat tattooed by ? on Christine (photo taken at Warped show in Fairfax, VA, August 4, 2004); Tigerbat on George spotted in Las Vegas, "Never Die" tat on James

Row 3: Tigerbat backpiece on Sydnie Tutino from Pittsburgh, PA; "Towards Destiny" tattoo in progress on Rachel Gregorino inked by Sean Kelly at Graphic Nature in Fairport, OH

Row 4: Tiger Bat logo tattooed by Dan Wulff for Ryan Toledo; Black Rose inspired by "Rose of the Devil's Garden" on Paul K tattooed by Gjermund/Bad Boys Tattoo Oslo, Norway; Werecat on Trevor Gusikoski, from Saskatoon Sask. Canada, inked by Mike Hill from Tantrix

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Black Roses Werecat Rose of the Devil's Garden
Tigerbat Tigerbat Never Die
Tigerbat Towards Destinty
Tiger Bat by Dan Wulff Tigerbat Werecat Rising