Photos from after the show The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA - May 16, 2004

Since Atlanta was the last night on the Punks Vs. Psychos tour for both Tiger Army and 12 Step Rebels after the show everybody wanted some snapshots taken.

- by Elizabeth V. Bouras

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Group shots!! All of Tiger Army with all of 12 Step Rebels!

Geoff and Fred with Jakob and Chad from 12 Step Rebels

Jakob and Nick 13

Nick 13 and EVB

A silly pic of yours truly (EVB) with Geoff and Fred

Jakob and me

me with Nate (bassist for 12 Step Rebels)

Fred Hell and Jakob Insane (singer fo 12 Step Rebels)

Jakob and Geoff

Nick 13 with Robin (Drummer for the Business)

Fred with the drummer for the Business

Robin and Jakob

Drummers only! Fred with Chad from 12 Step Rebels & the drummer for the Disasters

Jakob and Nate from 12 Step

Nate from 12 Step with Geoff

me with all of 12 Step Rebels + Jeff who does their merch

12 Step Rebels Group shots

Tiger Army's merch seller - Manbat!

my friend Amelia with 12 Step Rebels

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