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Music From Regions Beyond
Hellcat Records
80492-1 LP
80492-2 CD
IN STORES: June 5, 2007
2,500 copies on Blue vinyl
2,500 copies on Burgandy vinyl
1. Prelude: Signal Return
2. Hotprowl
3. Afterworld
4. Forever Fades Away
5. Ghosts of Memory
6. LunaTone
7. Pain
8. As the Cold Rain Falls
9. Hechizo de Amor
10. Spring Forward
11. Where the Moss Slowly Grows

2,500 copies on burgundy vinyl

2,500 copies on blue vinyl

US Advance Promo in thin cardboard sleeve

Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Hellcat Records
80457-1 LP
80457-2 CD
Release date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004
1. Prelude: Death of a Tiger
2. Ghost Tigers Rise
3. Wander Alone
4. Santa Carla Twilight
5. Ghostfire
6. Rose of the Devil's Garden
7. Atomic
8. What Happens?
9. Through the Darkness
10. Long Road
11. Calling
12. Swift Silent Deadly
13. Sea of Fire

2,000 copies on Grey vinyl

2,000 copies on white vinyl

US Advance Promo in plain white sleeve with Hellcat logo on front, info on back

Advance Promo in plain white sleeve with Hellcat logo on front, info on back, this version from Amsterdam

Japanese release with lyric book in Japanese and obi, adds bonis track #14 "The Loop"

Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite
Hellcat Records
80439-1 LP
80439-2 CD
Released: July 24, 2001
1. Prelude: Call Of The Ghost Tigers
2. Towards Destiny
3. Incorporeal
4. Power Of Moonlite
5. When Night Comes Down
6. Grey Dawn Breaking
7. Cupid's Victim
8. Valley Of Dreams
9. Annabel Lee
10. In The Orchard
11. Under Saturn's Shadow
12. F.T.W.
13. Remembered Forever

1,300 copies on Moon-yellow vinyl with yellow sticker on sleeve shown)

Japanese version of CD (promo version shown)

Tiger Army: self titled
Hellcat Records
80421-1 LP
80421-2 CD
Released: October 26, 1999
1. Prelude: Nightfall
2. Nocturnal
3. Fog Surrounds
4. True Romance
5. Devil Girl
6. Never Die
7. Moonlite Dreams
8. Trance
9. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Werecat
11. Outlaw Heart
12. Neobamboom
13. Last Night

1,000 copies on Orange vinyl

Japanese version of CD (promo version shown)

Advance promo cassette of first album

Japanese Advance promo cassette of first album on Epic International Japan


Ghost Tigers EP
Hellcat Records
80468-1 10" Vinyl Picture Disc
Released: June 8, 2004
3,000 copies pressed
200 signed
1) Rose of the Devil's Garden
2) Swift Silent Deadly
3) Atomic
4) The Loop (non-album track)

Early Years EP
Hellcat Records
80450-1 10"
80450-2 CD
Released: October 8, 2002
1) Temptation
2) Jungle Cat
3) Twenty Flight Rock
4) American Nightmare
5) F.T.W. (demo version 1996)
6) Nocturnal (demo version 1997)

2,000 copies on Clear vinyl


Tiger Army 7" EP aka "Temptation" EP
Chapter Eleven Records #6
Released: January, 1997
500 pressed on Black vinyl. Out-of-print.
1) Temptation
2) Jungle Cat
3) 20 Flight Rock

UK Limited edition 7" Picture Disc of "Rose of the Devil's Garden" and "The Loop". Limited to 500 copies, released June 2006. (click thumbnail to view more images)

UK promo only CD single of "Rose of the Devil's Garden" and "The Loop" issued to promote the May/June 2006 UK tour. Some copies includes double sided insert and press release (click thumbnail to view more images)

UK promo only CD single of "Forever Fades Away", released to radio stations May 8, 2007 in advance of "Music From Regions Beyond"


Give 'Em The Boot IV CD
Hellcat Records, 2004
Tiger Army track: "Atomic" (album version)

Give 'Em The Boot III CD
Hellcat Records, 2002
Tiger Army track: "Power of Moonlite" (album version)
Note: The video for "Cupid's Victim" is included as a CD-ROM bonus track.

Give 'Em The Boot II CD
Hellcat Records, 1999
Tiger Army track: "Nocturnal" (shortened version)

Punk Fiction CD/10" vinyl
Wedge Records, 1997
Tiger Army track: "F.T.W."


Recorded live at the GalaxyTheater, Santa Ana, CA March 15, 2001
Unknown Pressing quanities or manufacturer, 12" black vinyl
-Side A:
True Romance
Moonlite Dreams
Fog Surrounds
Power of Moonlite
-Side B:
Devil Girl
Outlaw Heart
Never Die

Many thanks to "X" on our message board for providing images of the Amsterdam GTR promo & the Japanese CD variants, to Josh Hurtado for the US advance promo cassette of Tiger Army 1 & Alexander9 for the pic of the Temptation promo!

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