Interview with Nick 13 of Tiger Army by Simon Nott of Big Cheese Magazine

BC: The lyrics in your songs are very deep, where do you get your inspiration?

Nick 13: I get most of my inspiration to write songs from literature, poems, short stories and phrase inspire me, sometimes a subconscious word will trigger it off, I am forever scribbling lyrics on napkins and stuff. I just sit down and force a song, they come to me at the strangest of times. Quite often when I am just going to sleep some lyrics, an idea or a melody will come into my head. I have to get up and write them down or in the case of a melody or tune record it.

BC: Each Tiger Army album has been different, the latest one seems to have gone well beyond what could be described as basic Psychobilly, is that your intention?

Nick 13: Yes I want to move forward musically with each new Tiger Army album, I like to experiment but will not go too far, quite often I have come up with ideas that I try and I think yes that's great but it's not Tiger Army so don't go with it. I have to stay true to the Tiger Army sound to a certain extent.

BC: Until recently Psychobilly was virtually unknown in the USA, what did you grow up listening to?

Nick 13: Well my first love was punk rock, I especially loved the 70s punk that had connections to 50s Rock n Roll, bands like The Damned, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Ramones and of course The Misfits and The Cramps. I got into the rockabilly thing through punk, I went out and bought an Eddie Cochran album after hearing the Sex Pistols/Sid Vicious version of 'Something Else'. My Mom and Dad introduced be to Buddy Holly and Dion, also back at that time their was a lot more 50s music on the radio etc, all part of the baby boomer thing I suppose! Then in my late teens when I first heard Psychobilly, it was the music that was perfect for me, a mixture of all the music styles I loved. The Tiger Army sound has a big 50s influence, not on the surface but underlying.

BC: Ok, so you are big on the 50s, if you could dig up and dust off some old rockabilly cats, have the Sun Studio for a night and the ghost of Sam Phillips behind the desk, who would you like to put down some tracks with?

Nick 13: Ok great, that would be Jimmy Van Eaton on drums (Billy Lee Riley's Little Green Men) Bill Black on slap bass (Elvis's first bassist) Jerry Lee Lewis on piano, Paul Burlison (Rock n Roll Trio) on guitar and I would take up the vocals. That would be great, the band actually visited the Sun Studio in Memphis last month, we took a detour on our way home from a gig and paid a visit. I love the Sun sound.

BC: plans for Tiger Army's future?

Nick 13: Well I have never pictured a life beyond music, I have been proud of every record we've done, I love to record and play live and I just want to continue to do so, it's what I love to do, we hope to come back to the UK and do some shows to support the new album either at the end of this year of the start of 2005.

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