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What does “Tiger Army” mean?

Here are a couple of explanations Nick 13 has given in interviews –

From an interview on Hot Topic’s site:
How did your name come about and does it stand for something significant?

Nick 13:”The name is a metaphor. The Tiger is a solitary, independent animal. That tiger spirit is represented in the people who find their way out of the mainstream into different kinds of alternative culture or subculture, the people who are searching for something, who don't just except what is handed to them. That's the Tiger Army, all the people who share that spirit and relate to our music. The rest of the human race are cows, sheep. herd animals with a herd mentality.”

In an interview from Tiffany Star's website:
Why Tiger Army? What does it mean?

”The words came to me one night on an overseas trip in 1995 and I knew that's what the band was meant to be called. The name has many meanings, some of which have multiple layers, but in a way, it just kind of means what it sounds like (if that makes any sense). I'll try and explain further-- tigers in the wild are hunted and close to extinction. The rest are in cages, but they can never be entirely tamed. They're not herd animals and spend much of their lives alone. The primary characteristic that people born under the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac are believed to exhibit is courageousness; the Tiger represents the dark side of the world in Taoism (the animalistic representation of one half of the yin-yang symbol). Some of these facts are about Tigers themselves, some are about how they have been perceived by humans, but they all relate in some way to what the band is about. Some people will never buy into the herd mentality so frequently exhibited by humans who consider themselves so far above the animal (but are in some cases much lower). Society will tell you that thinking and acting by your own standards is a weakness, but it's a strength. Tiger Army's music is for the people who have the courage to live their own way. The price of this courage is often loneliness, or being misunderstood. If you can relate to that, you might relate to where we're coming from. Tiger Army is me, the band and anyone who believes in this music-- the people who come to the shows, the people who give their support whether that's going off in the front row, taking pictures, or just enjoying what we do.”

Where does the name "Nick 13" come from?

In an interview for Synergy mag (posted at from March 2005) Nick 13 is quoted as saying:

It has to do with my first band, Influence 13 which was myself, Jade Puget, Geoff Kresge and a couple of other guys... I didn't really start going by it regularly until I moved to the East Bay in 1994. There was a guy named Nick Dog that was friends with Rancid and it became a quick and easy way to distinguish, like on the phone: "I'm here with Jade and Nick 13."

(From their myspace FAQ) Where does the "13" in Nick 13's name come from? The name "Nick 13" dates back to the early 90's, coming from Nick's first "real" band Influence 13, which also featured Jade Puget and Geoff Kresge (who would both go on to join AFI, albeit in different lineups). The name came into daily useage after Nick moved to the East Bay in 1994; friends made frequent use of the "Nick 13" name to avoid confusion with a different Nick who was a well known E.B. scenester at the time.

When is Tiger Army coming to [my town]?

Tier Army recently finished a west coast tour in September of 2006 opening for AFI with 3 headlining shows in between. In the Fall of 2006 they'll be busy in the studio working on the 4th Tiger Army album and no live shows are anticipated until 2007. However once the album is finished you can bet they'll tour extensively to promote it!

Any upcoming shows will be mentioned in their myspace Blogs, and the best place to check is on the Tourdates section of the band's official website: (Of course any new dates will also be posted here on the tourdates section) If you hear about a show that is not in either of those places, it means one of two things: 1) the show has just been confirmed, and it will show up on the website in a matter of days at the most, or 2) it is FALSE.

When does the next Tiger Army album come out?

(as of September 20, 2006) Tiger Army have studio time booked for Fall of 2006 so hopefully it will be released in early 2007.

Tiger Army’s music is described as “psychobilly”? What is that?

The easiest way to describe Psychobilly is to say it's a mixture of Rockabilly and Punk. Some debate exists as to exactly when/where it started – the term possibly comes from the Johnny Cash song “One piece at a time” in reference to a “Psychobilly Cadillac”. The first band to use the term “psychobilly” to describe their music was The Cramps but the first band actually called a “Psychobilly” band was The Meteors formed in London in 1980.

A good basic description of the genre can be found on the Wrecking Pit’s webpage here:

Does anyone know what the song is that Tiger Army uses before they take the stage?

(from TA's Myspace FAQ) The song is "Angel of Death" by Hank Williams, Sr. An acoustic demo, it was not commercially released during his lifetime (1923-1953). It is available on a number of compilations of his work.

What is being said in the part of "Towards Destiny" that is backwards?

As best as I can make out, this is what the reversed lyrics are:

Tiger Army never die
Tiger Army never die
Tiger Army never die
As the last tiger dies the ghost tigers rise
Heed the call of the werecat Transylvania
We fight on the side of fate
Toward destiny, we ascend to it forever
hail satan

How did the refrain "Tiger Army Never Die" come to be important to the band?

In an interview for Synergy mag (posted at from March 2005) Nick 13 is quoted as saying:

"It's something that just sort of came to me. The fact that it wasn't really a sentence was fine, the words work on a level that's far more elemental than the place where proper grammar resides. It has to do with the will. There are certainly a lot of setbacks we've been dealt and while it definitely has to do with perseverance, those who take it too literally are missing the point. If I leave this Earth tomorrow, I know that at least someone will remember Tiger Army for many years to come. There are a number of levels the words operate on, but certainly every challenge that's been overcome, every setback, has made them more important as a rallying cry."

What's the connection between AFI and Tiger Army?

If this was plotted out in a “rock family tree” it would be a very incestuous vine that kept wrapping back and forth!

Nick 13 grew up in Ukiah, CA and met Geoff Kresge, Davey Havok, Jade Pudget and Adam Carson while he was in High School.

In 1991 Nick, Geoff and Jade were in a band together called “Influence 13” that broke up in 1993.

Geoff then joined AFI with Davey Havok, Adam Carson and Mark Stopholse. In 1995 Nick started Tiger Army without a permanent drummer but borrowed the services of Adam Carson for their early live shows and Adam also played drums on the 1st Tiger Army 7” “Temptation” as well as the first full length album.

Geoff later joined in Tiger Army in 1998 playing stand up bass and was with the band until leaving in August of 2004.

Davey Havok does backup vocals on the 1st two Tiger Army albums as well as the most recent "Music From Regions Beyond" and Nick 13 also does backup vocals on many of AFI’s releases including “Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes”, “The Art of Drowning”, “Sing the Sorrow” and "December Underground". Nick 13 has also often joined AFI onstage, most recently at the Long Beach Arena in September, 2006 where the "I Have A Voice" DVD was filmed to sing "A Single Second" with them. Nick 13 also did back up vocals on the album “D For Deliquent” by Loose Change that contained Jade Puget after Jade was in Influence 13 and before he joined AFI.

Nick also joined Davey Havok in the “Son of Sam” project (featuring members of Samhain and Danzig) doing back up vocals and will appear on the Blaqk Audio (a side project by Davey Havok & Jade Puget) "Cex Cells" album.

In an early interview Nick 13 was asked about AFI and said:

A: How did you meet up with AFI?

N13: I've known those guys forever it seems. I met Dave probably around '89-'90 in high school, we noticed each other because we were both wearing Misfits shirts. He was a freshman at this time, I was a sophomore. Adam and I met around the same period, I went to some parties at his house. Geoff (ex-AFI) joined Influence 13 shortly after its formation in '91, and was part of it for most of the two years it was together. He joined AFI in '92, after they kicked out their 1st bass player, and was in both bands for a while. Jade I've known even longer than that, we hung out in the same skate/punk crew in Ukiah since the 80's, I probably met him in like '87... He was a founding member of Influence 13, and was in it the whole time. He started Loose Change as a side project in '92. The history of the Ukiah scene of that time is kind of complex because it's very incestuous, we were all in bands together. I was never in AFI but I did play guitar for them at a party once when Mark was out of town...

(From their myspace FAQ:) "Okay, we're asked about this all the time, so we'll try to make it as simple as possible, even though it's rather complicated. Nick 13 grew up & went to school with three of the four members of AFI in Ukiah, CA. They've all played in different bands together and hung out for the better part of fifteen years now. AFI remain, as when they gave us our first show at Gilman Street, the staunchest supporters of Tiger Army and the best friends we could ask for (in addition to being one of the best bands in rock music). For real."

Who is currently in the Band?

The current line up features Nick 13 on vocals and guitar, Jeff Roffredo on stand up bass and “Wasted” James Meza on drums.

What other bands have they played In?

Nick 13 was in Influence 13 prior to forming Tiger Army. Jeff Roffredo was in Cosmic Voodoo, Calavera and is also in The Rezurex (formerly known as “Lobo Negro”). James comes from The Rezurex and also has filled in for the Nekromantix.

What Guitar setup does Nick 13 use?

In this interview Nick said: "I basically almost always play Gretsch, I will use other guitars in recording to achieve a certain effect on a certain part in a song but what I play live is a '57 Duo Jet reissue, I do have a '57 that I use on record but I don't tour with it any more and I play it through a Fender Tonemaster amp and I use a Boss analog delay."

(From their myspace FAQ:) Live, Nick normally plays a Gretsch Duo Jet '57 reissue (although he does have a real one at home) through one or more Fender Tone Master amp heads and 2x12" speaker cabinets. Various vintage analog delay and chorus pedals are used as well, although these tend to rotate a bit. On the recording of III: Ghost Tigers Rise a number of guitars, amps & pedals were used, with the primary amp setup being similar to the above but with an early 60's Gretsch Double Anniversary being the main guitar. Additional guitar parts were often done with various combinations of pre-CBS Fender amps.

What Bass setup does Jeff Roffredo use?

(I>According to his post on the board:) "I have a 1960's era Kay model C-1, it's the only upright bass I've ever had. She's provided years of trusty tone (knock on wood, literally), she could use some cosmetic attention now. I have tried many strings, gut, steel, and nylon. I've been using Rotosounds for the past few years, I like the feel, you can get a nice round tone out of them, and they last a long time! Tuning is standard, sometimes a half step down (Eb)."

As of summer 2007, Jeff is now playing a blue King Doublebass Tiger King.

(From their myspace:) Live, Nick normally plays a Gretsch Duo Jet '57 reissue (although he does have a real one at home) through one or more Fender Tone Master amp heads and 2x12" speaker cabinets. Various vintage analog delay and chorus pedals are used as well, although these tend to rotate a bit. On the recording of III: Ghost Tigers Rise a number of guitars, amps & pedals were used, with the primary amp setup being similar to the above but with an early 60's Gretsch Double Anniversary being the main guitar. Additional guitar parts were often done with various combinations of pre-CBS Fender amps.

What other releases has Nick 13 appeared on?

Nick has also done back up vocals on the following albums:

AFI – “Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes”
AFI – “The Art of Drowning”
AFI – “Decemberunderground”
AFI – “Sing The Sorrow”
Son of Sam - "Songs from the Earth"
Heckle - "We're Not Laughing At You"
Loose Change – “D for Deliquent”
Mad Sin – “Survival of the Sickest” (on song “Communication Breakdown”)
Bleeding Through - "The Truth"
(If you Have any information on ones not listed please let me know!)

Where Can I get...

The Temptation 7”?

This is long out of print – your best bet is ebay. It generally sells for between $150-200 on ebay.


Interpunk and Amazon are good sources.


Current vinyl can be ordered from Interpunk. For out of print versions, your best bet is ebay.

Japanese releases?

HMV Japan sells them (tho shipping costs a fortune, I've found them cheaper on ebay)

T shirts and other merch?

Try Tiger Army's Web store at Cinderblock for the largest selection, also Interpunk carries some and Hot Topic sometimes carries exclusive designs.

How did the meeting with Morrissey come about?

(from TA's Myspace FAQ) Moz showed up to Tiger Army's surprise at the band's performance on May 22, 2005 (his birthday) at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Tiger Army, all Morrissey fans, had planned a rare live performance of his song "The Loop" as a birthday tribute, not expecting him to actually be in attendance! He met with the band after the show and was extremely cool, kindly posing for a picture.

Where is “Santa Carla”?

Santa Carla is the fictional "Murder Capitol of the USA" that the vampire movie "The Lost Boys" takes place in.

What is "Annabel Lee" based on?

This song was clearly influenced by the 1849 Poem of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe. Link here.

Who is Manbat?

Manbat is Tiger Army's (former & occasional) merch guy

last updated - September 20, 2006 (some answers taken directly from their posted FAQ on their myspace blog)

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