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Tiger Army - May 5, 2005,In the Venue, Salt Lake City, UT
By Mark,

So before the show, I saw this guy walking around that looked really familiar. Not until after Street Dogs did I realize who this guy was. This was Smith Puget, AFI's tour manager and Jades brother. I totally lost my chance to meet him, which sucked, but it was cool to see him.

Anyways, the first band of the night was 12 Step Rebels. Both Jakob Insane and Hamburglar Nate Hancock have very good voices. The band was very good, and very entertaining. Mad Dog Chad was on Drums.

Next up was Street Dogs. This band was a little different, but I really enjoyed them. They really got the crowd going, and the lead singer, Mike McColgan, was very energetic. While I was up front, and every time he got off the stage, he was right next to me singing into the crowd. The guitar was a little too loud, and therefore hard to hear the vocals, but what I could hear were very good.

After those guys, the crowd was getting anxious to see Tiger Army. They came on starting with Ghost Tigers, and really got the crowd excited. Then following that was Ghost Fire. After that was True Romance, and that was one of my favorite songs of the night. But after that, an even more exciting song, When the Night Comes down. Both of those songs really got the crowd going, and everyone was singing along. Then Through the Darkness, Cupids Victim, Fog Surrounds, and Temptation. All of which were amazing and insane! Then was Rose of the Devils Garden. Im not totally familiar with that song, but it seemed to be the crowds favorite song. After that was Twenty Flight Rock. That is my favorite Tiger Army song, therefore my favorite song of the night. A lot of people got excited for this one.

Im not sure what the next song was, (because the setlist says "?") but I think it was Power of Moonlite. After that was Santa Carla Twilight and Nocturnal. Nocturnal was also one of my favorites, and extremely crowd pleasing. However, F.T.W. was next. I think that song had the biggest mosh pits, but I was having too much fun to tell. Everyone with their middle fingers in the air, singing along, and this was definitely an amazing song. Then was Never Die and an amazing encore, as the crowd yelled "Never Die".

After the show, I was trying to get a setlist. Jeff Reffredo (stand-up bass) got down to talk to a few people, and I got to meet him. We took a picture, which we both kinda messed up. He got excited to take another picture. He was an extremely cool guy.

The band seemed to be having a lot of fun, and I hope they come back to SLC soon. This was definitely a show not to forget.

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Photo above by Mark,

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