Concert Review

Tiger Army - March 12th, Melbourne, Victoria, at the Espy Gershwin Room w/Sinshifters, Kingpin 440
By Hayley Barnstable,

The Gershwin Room at the Espy couldn’t have been a better place for Tiger Army to debut in Melbourne. The floor was packed with quiffs and sleeves, more ink than I’ve ever seen in one place before. The crowd was pumped and ready for a psychobilly freakout and Kingpin 440 warmed everybody up with their slick rockabilly tunes. And when I say warmed everyone up, I mean cooked us like your mothers Sunday roast. Note to the Gershwin Room: Get cooling. Or something...

Next up were the frantic paced styling of Sin shifters. These guys rocked out unbelievably hard and god knows HOW they didn’t shrivel up and die of dehydration up onstage. The guitarist was poured into his red P.V.C pants and sweating like a madman, but he had nothing on the torrent of sweat pissing out of every nook and cranny of the double bass player. He stripped to his boxers and got them soaked before the 2nd song. I loved these guys sound, fast, furious and psycho.

Finally, after waiting since 9:30pm, it was 11:55pm and the crowd was getting antsy. Everybody just wanted to see Tiger Army and were chanting their name. Then in came Nick 13 and the boys, finally. Opening with “Ghost Tigers Rise”, Nick stalked the stage with the crowd chanting “RISE”, everybody’s fists in the air, going nuts and singing back to him. Overall the show was intense, it was always fast and the crowd was always singing at the top of their lungs, dedicated Tiger Army fans that knew all the words. “True Romance” was amazing for me, considering it’s one of my favourite TA songs, but as soon as the opening bassline to “Ghostfire” was played, everyone screamed, threw their fists in the air and sang out loud. The few times Nick spoke to the crowd, it was to tell us how much of a crazy crowd we were, the best in Australia yet, or asking us if we loved 80’s pop music, trying to start some 80’s overhead claps in the crowd and telling us to keep our fists in the air. Everyone sang along to all the Whoah’s and there were even a couple of decent circle pits, especially during the last song of the set, F.T.W. Everyone had their middle fingers in the air, singing along, screaming “FUCK THE WORLD” and going psycho in the circle pit. As soon as Tiger Army dropped their instruments and walked offstage, the crowd was calling for an encore. And an encore they got. Nick 13 says to everybody “You might know this one… “UNDER SATURNS SHADOW” and people everywhere started screaming. As soon as I’d everyone was moshed out, they all started up again. Then it was time for Tiger Army to say Goodnight as they left the crowd soaking wet and totally exhausted from the sweaty frenzy of a fucking awesome psychobilly show.

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