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Tiger Army - March 10th, Lions Den, Brisbane Australia Review
By Andrew Rice,

The night of the 10th of March 2005 marked the first ever all ages show Tiger Army had ever played in Australia. There were many diehard fans there to witness this monumental event.

A crowd started to gather outside the Lions Den around 5:15pm for the scheduled 6pm start time showing how keen the Brisbane all age fans were to see this great band. Unfortunately doors didn't open until 6:20 but this didn't phase the fans that had waited since 1997 for Tiger Army to venture Down Under.

Once the doors opened it wasn't long before the first support act, Zombie Ghost Train, took to the stage and got the local crowd going. Their half hour set was very memorable and I'm sure it won them many new fans, me included. The highlight of their set was the track Go-Go Mummy which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Apart from being a great Psychobilly band they are also great blokes and didn't hesitate to give tips on how to get the perfect hairstyles which all three band members sported.

The second supporting band, The Disables, took to the stage after around 15 minutes after Zombie Ghost Train. They really got the circle pit going with their Rancid/ The Clash brand of punk rock. After many chants of 'Oi!" and 30 minutes later their set was over and the crowd started surging forward in anticipation of finally seeing Tiger Army perform live.

After a quick sound check by the technicians the time was finally upon us and the boys stormed onto the stage to fanatical applause. Nick gave a quick hello to the crowd and launched straight into Ghost Tigers Rise. This was to be the beginning of something special. Next song up was Nocturnal, my personal favourite. The crowd was totally absorbed now and many fans in the front row reached out in the hope of touching their Psychobilly heroes.

Being a typically hot and humid Brisbane night it made for a very sweaty, intimate time for you masses of bodies pressed against you. After Nocturnal the boys let rip Jungle Cat, Through the Darkness and Santa Carla Twilight light in quick succession. Jeff's slapping was amazing and "Wasted" James Meza's drumming anchored the trio perfectly.

By this stage the crowd was right into it and looking to really cut loose.

The boys obliged my playing Incorporeal, Fuck the World and True Romance.

Fuck the World was close to the best song of the night as the whole crowd thrashed around the circle pit and sang along at the tops of their lungs.

When Nick announced that they were about to play his favourite song from their latest album everybody knew it would be Rose of the Devils Garden.

Tiger Army were coming to the end of their set and by now the whole crowd was extremely sweaty and dehydrated. This didn't stop them from nearly tearing the place down when the boys launched into Never Die. What a song.

The crowd sang along, pumped their fists and screamed 'never die' as if there was no tomorrow. After finishing this epic song Tiger Army downed instruments and left stage. This was not long lived however as the crowd chanted "Tiger..Army" and begged for an encore. The boys burst back on stage and Nick politely asked "do you want to hear Annabel Lee?" The crowd went off and not one person in the whole place could help but appreciate this masterful and moving song. That was it. Tiger Army closed with Annabel Lee and everybody who attended felt satisfied as we were chased out of the venue by security.

Once everybody was outside a small group of diehard fans hung around for another 45 minutes or so waiting to catch a glimpse of Nick, James and Jeff.

We weren't disappointed as all three members came out to chat with the fans and sign some autographs. Quite possibly the highlight of the night was shaking hands with Nick 13 and being able to talk to him one on one.

All three were amazingly friendly and made our days by posing with us for some photos.

As time was short the boys climbed into their car and sped off into the night followed by screaming fans wanting to savour every moment in the company of these amazing musicians. It was the perfect ending to a night I will never forget.

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Photo above by Scott,

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